Could The Muppets Host The Oscars?

MuppetsIt's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights, and if you ask the roughly 36,000 people who have joined online campaigns on Twitter and Facebook, it's time for the Muppets to host the Oscars.

After two days of stealing headlines, the 84th Academy Awards have founds themselves without a host. It didn't take long after Eddie Murphy announced his resignation as host for a Twitter account, @MuppetOscars and Facebook group "The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars" to start to gain momentum. Both accounts date back to before Murphy was selected by then-producer, Brett Ratner, to host the show, and now with the new hosting flux, the accounts have exploded in popularity. Each profile gained thousands of followers in a matter of hours.

And for good reason. We are in the midst of a Muppet renaissance. The new movie, due out later this month, has received raves from test audiences, with the film even bringing some viewers to tears! Kermit appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last week. There's a reason that the movement to snag the puppet stars for the Oscar gig has gained traction. The people want Muppets.

Whether a Muppet-hosted Academy Awards could actually happen remains to be seen. Disney owns both the Muppets and ABC, the network that airs the award show, so that would make licensing easier, but a report from Variety claims that a source close to the show said that it will never happen.

But we won't know for sure until a new host is hired, and even then, as we learned this week, the case isn't officially closed until the credits run on the show.

"The Muppets" hits theaters November 23.

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