'Sitter' Exclusive Clips: Jonah Hill Smells Pretty

"Do you like to smell pretty?" Never before have such innocent words held such horrible meaning, as Jonah Hill found out firsthand during the filming of "The Sitter."

In an exclusive clip that debuted during "MTV First: 'The Sitter'" earlier this evening, Hill's "Sitter" character Noah Jaybird finds himself taking care of a cute little angel who's secretly anything but. Her first course of action towards her new babysitter: spray a straight stream of perfume directly into his mouth, not once, but twice. Needless to say, the prank does not go over well.

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I'm not a real babysitter," he tells the little girl in hushed tone. "I'm more of a sit on the couch, eat a burrito, do whatever I tell you to do or I'll kill you type of babysitter. That's my style, blood!"

We get a firsthand look at just how little Noah knows about babysitting in a second exclusive clip that reveals exactly how Hill's character gets into the child-watching business to begin with. His mother has big plans for the evening, plans that are almost derailed when she's called in to watch a neighbor's children. But she has plans of her own: convince Noah to babysit in her stead.

"Are you crazy? No!" he declares. "I'm not going to be a babysitter, I'm an adult man! Babysitting sucks! Adult men don't babysit things!"

He's quickly proven wrong as the next scene brings Noah to the Pedulla residence—but he's suddenly whistling a different tune when he realizes that there are, ah, "perks" to babysitting for the right parents.

Take a look:

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