Daniel Radcliffe Stalks New 'Woman In Black' Photo

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe's Arthur Kipps, from the upcoming supernatural chiller "The Woman in Black," made a recent appearance in a new still for his paranormal movie. This one finds the young lawyer storming the gates of the decrepit mansion he has been summoned to. Radcliffe investigates the dark secrets of a remote English village on February 3, 2012.

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No More 'Monsters,' 'Godzilla' Assaults New Writer

The monster movie department is shuffling their cards this week. "Back to the Future" director Robert Zemeckis has dropped out of "Here There Be Monsters" — the epic period story that finds real-life naval officer John Paul Jones battling sea monsters. Legendary Pictures is still looking for a new director, but the studio has found another writer for their upcoming "Godzilla" remake. Max Bornstein — who's worked with the studio plenty before, most recently on the supernatural fantasy story "The Seventh Son" — has taken over script duties from "Batman's" David Goyer for the Gareth Edwards ("Monsters") directed film. Hopefully we'll be able to learn more about Legendary's take on the Japanese classic, but we're pretty sure that audiences won't be seeing this one in 2012 as originally planned.

The 'Paranormalists' Based on Syfy's 'Ghost Hunters'

Whether you think it's fake or you're freaked out by the possibility of a haunting afterlife, Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" has made a killing by investigating paranormal locations throughout the U.S. and taking us along for the ride. Now, the popular TV series is the inspiration for Universal's upcoming supernatural flick, "Paranormalists." The project is a "loose" adaptation of the show and will be a found footage horror film, following a group of stoners who claim they are ghost hunters. After ripping off unsuspecting people everywhere, the gang realizes their newest investigation is the real deal: the house is actually haunted. "Monsters vs. Aliens" and "Shark Tale" director Rob Letterman is behind the new movie. Do you want to see a TAPS-like team on the big screen?

MGM is Hungry for 'Killer Pizza'

Studio MGM thinks we're overdue for a "Gremlins" or "Goonies" type monster movie, and their latest candidate should fit the bill. "Frozen" director Adam Green has scripted an adaptation of Greg Taylor's book about a teen pizza shop worker who realizes that his employer's biz is really just a front for a monster hunting enterprise. Hopefully the film has just the right amount of cheese. Since "Hatchet" director Adam Green is known to tackle his own scripts in the director's chair, does that make you any hungrier for a slice of pie?

'Lethal Weapon's' Danny Glover Gets Bitten by the Genre Bug Again

Danny Glover trades his cop persona for that of a troubled mathematician in "Donovan's Echo." After an accident cost him his daughter and wife, Donovan (Glover) goes home where it all happened nearly 30 years later, but finds that history is haunting him. "Donovan risks everything to save an unsuspecting family from the same tragic fate." Glover appeared in "Saw," so he's not new to the genre. He'll star alongside Bruce Greenwood and Sonja Bennett for "Donovan's Echo," which has a new trailer. (We still kinda miss Glover as the oh so quotable Roger Murtaugh.)

Darren Bousman's 'Mother's Day' Remake Gets Greeting Card from Anchor Bay

"Repo!" director Darren Bousman's doomsday fright flick "11-11-11" is looming, but good news comes from Deadline that his remake of the Troma cult classic "Mother's Day" has been picked up by Anchor Bay for distribution. The movie is a re-telling of the 1980 low-budget gem about a terrifying family. Bousman's film will follow suit with "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle's" Rebecca De Mornay in the part of mommy dearest, who goads her sons into committing brutal acts of violence. If Bousman gets his way, will you be taking mum to see this one on her special day?

Madman Sid Haig Will Hunt Witches for Rob Zombie

Did you really think Rob Zombie would make a new movie and not invite his longtime cohort Sid Haig to join him? The possibility could always be there, but Zombie's collaborated with the scary star for years now. Confirmation recently came that the "House of 1000 Corpses" and "Devil's Rejects" creeper will appear in "Lords of Salem" playing Dean Magnus — the other half of the witch-hunting duo being dubbed "The Brothers." The cast is full of genre heavy-hitters including Barbara Crampton, Meg Foster, and more. Haig is a welcome addition, of course. "Lords of Salem" follows a DJ crew who heed a mysterious call to the witchy city of Salem after a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep. When they show up, all hell breaks loose in the Halloween city.

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