Robert Pattinson Flashes Gun In New 'Cosmopolis' Photos


Interest surrounding "Cosmopolis" is high among different groups for different reasons. The fans of art films eagerly await everything David Cronenberg does. Fans of "Twilight" are desperate to see what post-vampire fame will mean for the leading man, Robert Pattinson. Either way, new photos from the Don DeLillo adaptation should spark the imaginations of both camps.

The latest images, which appear in the Portuguese magazine Atual (via Cosmopolis Film), show Pattinson looking particularly unhinged aiming a revolver just off-screen.

The article goes inside the making of Cronenberg's next film, in addition to showing off new pictures of Pattinson and his co-star Sarah Gadon. The actress, fresh off her breakout in Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method," plays Elise, the wife of Pattinson's character, and was a member of MTV's New Class. When Pattinson spoke to MTV News about his co-star, he said he thought Gadon had a great face.

The book that the film is based on follows Eric Packer (Pattinson), a wealthy young multimillionaire, through a single day as he attempts to cross Manhattan in order to get his hair cut. If the idea of Robert Pattinson cutting his lovely locks isn't frightening enough for you, the trip across New York City gets trippy in the most Cronenberg doing "Naked Lunch" sort of way.

"Cosmopolis" stars Pattinson, Gadon, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti and Jay Baruchel and hits theaters sometime next year.

What do you think of the look of "Cosmopolis"? Are you excited to see Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon together? How do you feel about a post-Edward Pattinson? Let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter!