EXCLUSIVE: 'Blue Velvet' Blu-Ray Outtakes

Who can forget the classic chuckle-fest that was David Lynch's hallucinogenic portrait of the American small town, "Blue Velvet"? Turn out, it was a blast to make.

In this exclusive outtakes featurette from the upcoming extra-loaded Blu-ray release of the 1986 classic, we get to the see the lighter side of a movie that begins with the discovery of a severed human ear. The 25th Anniversary Blu-ray, which is available in stores today (November 8), includes an interesting bloopers reel from the feel film.

The "Blue Velvet" Blu-ray is packed with a ton of extras worth checking out. In addition to the bloopers reel, the release offers 50 minutes of previously unreleased deleted scenes. These include one of David Lynch's favorite scenes that never was, in which a woman lights her nipples on fire. Oh, "Blue Velvet," up to your same old tricks 25 years later!

"Blue Velvet" is available on Blu-ray today (November 8).

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