Five Reasons To See 'Immortals'

At long last, "Immortals" has finally arrived! Director Tarsem Singh's swords-and-sandals epic slashes its way into theaters today (November 11) to deliver one of the greatest visual thrill rides of the fall movie season.

"Immortals" stars Henry Cavill as Theseus, a strong youth who finds himself caught in a war between mortal men and beings from another plane of existence. The vicious King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) seeks an ancient and terrible power, and only Theseus, who comes to possess the legendary Epirius Bow, can put an end to his reign of terror.

There's little doubt that "Immortals" is the most action-packed movie currently in theaters. For those of you seeking blood, guts and gore, there's no excuse to miss this one. If you need additional reasons to check out "Immortals," we've got five beyond the jump.

Beautiful Violence

If there's one reason to see "Immortals," it's Tarsem Singh's wildly visceral depiction of violence, particularly when gods and titans are thrown into the mix. Action slows to a crawl then speeds up without notice, like a gloriously composed symphony. It's a style that's similar to what we've seen in "300," but it's more than that: the way that the warriors of "Immortals" tear each other to pieces is unlike anything I've ever seen before. The final 20 or so minutes of the film are especially incredible, gifting viewers with some of the most beautiful violence ever committed to the screen.

The Man of Steel

Many actors get their turn in the spotlight throughout "Immortals," but through and through, this is the Henry Cavill show. The future Superman does an excellent job as an action movie lead, his presence captivating and his ability to cleave through the bad guys undeniable. If ever you doubted Cavill's casting in "Man of Steel," his work in "Immortals" should more than convince you that the right choice was made.

Bad to the Bone

Mickey Rourke has been more than a little bit outspoken about his disappointment in how his "Iron Man 2" villain was portrayed. Here, however, Rourke is very clearly having a blast playing Hyperion, a ruthless bad guy who munches on grapes and neuters his prisoners all in the span of seconds. There isn't a lot to like about Hyperion as a human being, no, but Rourke gives you plenty to like about his performance. It's scene-chewing at its finest.

Shirts Need Not Apply

Gents, if you're looking for an excuse to bring a date to "Immortals" this weekend, look no further than the fact that every single guy in this movie is shirtless. Pretty much all the time, too. Lots of muscle for your significant others to feast on, and plenty to make you feel bad about your own physique, too!

Tears (And Blood And Guts And Other Things) In Heaven

From almighty visuals to some memorable turns from Cavill and Rourke, there's a lot to like in "Immortals." But perhaps it's the film's final moments that I'm most enthralled by, largely because the setup for an "Immortals" sequel it provides is just so. Frickin'. Awesome. Seriously, if "Immortals 2" doesn't happen, and if it doesn't pick up immediately where the first movie leaves off, a potentially super-cool ball will have been dropped.

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