'Michael Jackson' Documentary Producer David Gest Comments On Conrad Murray Trial

Michael JacksonLong-time personal friend of Michael Jackson, David Gest, has never been quiet about his opinions when it comes to the late performer. A new documentary, "Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon," which Gest produced, attacks the charges of child molestation head on and defends the legacy of the iconic singer.

Now with a verdict imminent in the manslaughter case against Jackson's former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, Gest took some time to talk to MTV News about the trial and why he says he hasn't been following it.

"I find it too hard to watch," Gest told MTV News. Gest and Jackson had spent much of their early lives as very close friends, and that connection is what has made the trial so difficult. "I knew Michael so well that I just find it too hard to watch."

Though he hasn't been watching, Gest certainly wasn't short on his opinion of Murray's guilt and what should happen with the trial. "I think it's very black and white," Gest said. "One, he give him a drug that's only to be administered in a hospital with nurses and people around to take care of him. It was illegal to do that, and he did that. Point blank. Now he has to pay the consequences."

The complicated details of the trial have not clouded Gest's feelings about the crime that was supposedly committed. He said he thinks the matter is a simple one.

"I don't care about all the he said, she said. If everybody could give drugs to anybody when they wanted to when they're not supposed to be given outside a hospital, we'd have a lot of people in very, very sick and ill situations and dying," Gest said. "That's why a doctor is supposed to administer things by the law and how it's supposed to be governed by hospitals and by the law of the United States. He didn't follow the law, point blank. Now it's time for him to pay his dues. He needs to go to jail."

A jury is scheduled to return a verdict today (Nov 7). Stay tuned to MTV News for details as they emerge.