'Immortals' Exclusive Clip: Unleash The Titans!

"Immortals" finally hits theaters this Friday (November 11), and you know what that means: our weekly roundup of exclusive first looks is drawing to a close. But if "Immortals" Mondays has to go out, at least it goes out in style, courtesy of Stephen Dorff.

Dorff, still one of the all-time greatest comic book movie villains as Deacon Frost in "Blade," absolutely steals the show in "Immortals" as Stavros, a thief whose tongue is even sharper than his blade. This exclusive clip from "Immortals" showcases one of Dorff's finest scenes in the film, with Stavros wielding the all-powerful Epirus bow in a great time of need.

It's just a small taste of one of the most fantastic combat sequences captured on screen this year — you'll get to see the whole showdown when Dorff's work in "Immortals" lands in theaters this week.

Stephen Dorff

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