'Super 8' Blu-Ray Exclusive: Working With J.J. Abrams

Working on a J.J. Abrams production isn't all secrets and mystery; there's also a lot of joking going on too. "Super 8" cast members Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee and Riley Griffiths shared their memories from working with the notoriously secretive director in this exclusive behind the scenes clip from the upcoming Blu-ray, hitting stores on November 22.

The clip also shares with us a peek of Abrams giving his young stars Courtney and Elle Fanning direction during a scene from this past summer's homage to the early films of producer Steven Spielberg. "J.J. is super nice," Courtney told cameras for the clip. "He's very interactive in his directing, and he knows what he wants."

The praise continues with Griffiths, who shares his experiences on working with Abrams for his first feature film. "He helps you a lot, between every take. He is just always out there telling you what he liked about that take, what maybe we can change," Griffiths said. "He definitely works well with kids."

"Super 8" hits Blu-ray and DVD on November 22.

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