Tarsem Singh's Snow White Film Called 'Mirror Mirror'

Snow White

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the most clever "Snow White" title of them all?

Tarsem Singh is attempting to take that medal with his recently titled "Mirror Mirror." (Truth be told, we were growing fond of "Untitled Tarsem Singh Snow White Project That's Not The Kristen Stewart Snow White Project," but all good things must come to an end.) Now his film -- which stars Lily Collins, by the way -- will ditch the "Snow White" altogether and opt for one of the most classic phrases from the fairytale.

It's nice that the title is so different than "Snow White and the Huntsman," because people are getting confused enough about the two projects as it is.

A press release from Relativity Media is touting the project as a "comedy action adventure," which is unfamiliar territory for "Immortals" and "The Fall" director Singh. It's also really different from the "Lord of the Rings"-style adventure film that "Snow White and the Huntsman" will soon become. Apparently the project wrapped in mid-September, which puts it right on track for its March 16 release date.

"Mirror Mirror" stars Collins as well as Julia Roberts, Sean Bean and Armie Hammer. It follows exiled princess Snow White (Collins) who enlists seven resourceful dwarves to help her win back her kingdom from an evil queen (Roberts). In addition to fighting over the kingdom, they're also fighting over the affections of Prince Andrew Alcott (Hammer).

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