Benicio Del Toro: J.J. Abrams' New 'Star Trek' Villain?

Benicio Del Toro

Here's a good sign that development is moving forward quickly on "Star Trek 2": J.J. Abrams reportedly wants Benicio Del Toro as his villain in the upcoming sci-fi sequel.

Variety reports that an offer is in Del Toro's hands, though there's no word on who the Oscar winner might be playing. Indeed, even Del Toro supposedly doesn't know what the role is in an effort to keep it secret. Needless to say, the baddie will probably be someone even more evil than Eric Bana's Nero, and maybe even a familiar face.

Check out some possibilities for Del Toro's character beyond the jump!

Khan Noonien Singh

Khan is easily the most beloved of all the "Star Trek" villains, and the 1982 movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" is arguably the best of the series. It would make sense for Abrams to bring Khan in for his "Star Trek" sequel the same way Christopher Nolan brought in The Joker for "The Dark Knight Rises."

A Klingon

If there's one thing that the first "Star Trek" film was lacking, it's Klingons. Though they were often portrayed as allies in the original series, we could see Abrams pulling some strings and turning them into bad guys this time around. It would be a fun way to introduce them as a race, and also a good way to cross-pollinate the many "Star Trek" TV series' with this movie franchise. Besides, BDT in full Klingon makeup would be totally awesome.

Someone New

Abrams created a different universe in his "Trek" movies for a reason. Why not bring in a new villain unique to his films, veering away from the original continuity even further? It would be nice to see him separate from the source material and continue steering his franchise in its own wholly original direction.

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