'Fringe' Star Joshua Jackson Teases Peter's Return


Out of nowhere, Peter Bishop has been dropped back into the "Fringe"-verse, much to the delight of the show's fans. Without giving away too much, this week's episode, "Novation," sees the back-to-life Bishop struggling to return to the fold that he was once the center of. As he works to convince his girl, Olivia, his dad, Walter, and everyone else for that matter that he's actually Peter Bishop, Walter's deceased son, fans are also trying to figure out just what the deal with Peter is these days.

"He comes back to a pretty bad situation here," Joshua Jackson told MTV News this week about Friday's episode. "One: he's completely confused because the time that you have spent in season four with the characters, for him happened in one second. So the whole thing has to be explained to him. But then he gets dropped out of his world and brought back and all of sudden it's 'ut-oh, it's not good.' It's a bad, anti-'It's A Wonderful Life.'"

After several seasons of playing Peter, this new storyline actually feels a bit old for Jackson.

"In a strange way, it’s a bit like it was in the beginning of season one cause in season one he was the outsider brought into this world and basically shown things he couldn’t appreciate or understand," he said. "So the only difference now here is he's in this place he knows, he has all these experiences, I don’t think he's questioning his sanity, but he's got to be scratching his head a little bit. Like, 'You guys got to be kidding me? Like how many more universes do I have to save before I get some credit here?'"

With so many questions left unanswered and so much of season four left to answer them (or raise even more for that matter), Jackson actually thinks Peter should be treated with more kindness than he's received so far.

"If the world was just, Peter would retire on a beach somewhere getting served daiquiris and peeled grapes for the rest of his life," he joked. "I mean two universes, that’s a lot of work!"

The next episode of "Fringe," "Novation," airs tonight (November 4) on Fox at 9 PM EST.

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