'Wanderlust' Trailer: Jennifer Aniston Gets Wild

It's been 13 years since Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd starred together in the often-forgotten "The Object of My Affection," and now they're reteaming for a romantic comedy of a different sort.

In "Wanderlust," Rudd and Aniston play over-burdened New Yorkers, who are forced to leave the city and look for a life elsewhere after Rudd's character loses his job. So the couple packs up and heads to Atlanta where a job waits for Rudd with his brother's company.

They are soon back on the road again and find themselves stuck in a hippie commune, where things are generally a little more easy-going then they're used to. There they meet characters played by Malin Akerman and Aninston's real-life boyfriend, Justin Theroux.

"Wanderlust" was directed by David Wain, the man behind the cult hit, "Wet Hot American Summer," which also starred Rudd. He co-wrote the script with fellow "The State" alum Ken Marino.

"Wanderlust" hits theaters February 24, 2012.