Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight' Audition Tapes Will Never See The Light Of Day

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all household names, but they weren't always that way. A little tiny something called "Twilight" changed the game for each of them, elevating them from promising young actors to full-fledged movie stars. Whether you're pinning it on Kristen's allure, Rob's mystique or Taylor's infamous abs, there's no doubt that there's a unique chemistry to the core "Twilight" trio that is absolutely essential to making these films work. And, according to the three of them, the chemistry between them came very quickly.

"I think [our chemistry] was very immediate," Lautner told us during "MTV First: 'Breaking Dawn – Part 1,'" our exclusive 30-minute chat with the "Twilight" cast last night (November 3). "Amongst everyone, it was just a warm and fuzzy feeling."

That information is particularly interesting coming from Taylor, given that he had the least amount of screen time in that very first "Twilight" movie, not to mention that he's the youngest one of the main three players.

"It did cross my mind in the very first one, the very first time I went up to Portland for 'Twilight,'" he said of recognizing that he was the young guy in the cast. "I was just there for three days."

"Your hair was in the first one," Stewart quipped.

All three of them agreed that without their chemistry, the "Twilight" franchise wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable.

"I don't think so. It would've been horrible," said Stewart. "I wouldn't have loved it as much. The movies wouldn't be the same at all—it'd be totally different."

Despite their very public friendship, the "Twilight" stars said they aren't comfortable enough to reveal their initial audition tapes.

"It's never going to happen. They'd be so disappointed," Pattinson laughed when asked if we'd ever see their audition tapes. "It's so much better [in your imagination]. It's like the sex scenes: better to keep that [in your head]."

Laughing, Pattinson quickly added: "That's the worst thing to say!"

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