'MTV First: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: Bella And Edward's First Kiss, Your Favorite 'Twilight' Moment!

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have gone through quite the journey over the course of the "Twilight" films, but no matter how far their relationship has gone, it's always sweetest at the start. That's exactly why our countdown of your top five favorite "Twilight" moments—all leading up to tonight's MTV First special with "Breaking Dawn" stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner—comes down to one very special fan-favorite encounter…

Bella and Edward's very first kiss!

The romance of it all aside, there's no doubt that the fan-favorite "Twilight" moment owes much of its success to the awkwardness of Bella and Edward's first kiss. Even the actors behind the scenes, Kristen and Rob, were working out the kinks with each other's dynamic on the set of that first movie, as a flashback to MTV News' first visit to the 2008 production will surely remind you.

"Whenever we kiss I just try to kill her all the time," a clearly uneasy Pattinson remarked on the subject of kissing Stewart, who added: "And I love that. She's a total sadomasochist when you think about it."

Our MTV First celebrating "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" kicks off on MTV tonight (November 3) at 7:56 PM EST. We'll be joined by Rob, Taylor and Kristen as they debut an exclusive "Breaking Dawn" clip, and afterward, be sure to head to MTV.com for an exclusive 30 minute interview with the trio, where they'll answer questions submitted by you.

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