'Safe House' Trailer: Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds Break Out

Safe House

If you ever need someone to play the weathered vet, who just might be off his hinges and finds himself paired with a still-green rookie, you never have to look much further than Denzel Washington.

In the brand new trailer for "Safe House," Washington plays a dangerous rogue CIA agent who walks into an American consulate in South Africa, apparently to turn himself in. Ryan Reynolds works at the safe house where Washington is brought after his capture.

Things go awry when the supposedly safe location is compromised and a team of baddies show up to try to take Washington away from the CIA. It's up to Reynolds to take control of the situation and keep Washington in custody.

Then the mind games begin, as they should with any good Denzel Washington villain worth his salt. Vera Farmiga, Sam Shepard and Brendan Gleeson round out the cast as Reynolds' support team in the US government. As Washington and Reynolds try to stay out of harm's way, questions begin to arise as to how the safe house was compromised in the first place. Is there a traitor in their midst? Reynolds tries to keep his eyes straight ahead while Washington teases him to see the bigger picture.

"Safe House" is directed by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa as his first English-language film and is written by David Guggenheim.

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"Safe House" hits theaters February 10, 2012.

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