Alice Cooper Rocks Tim Burton And Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows'

Alice Cooper

When Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins throws a party, he asks Alice Cooper to bring a little musical ambiance in Tim Burton's upcoming "Dark Shadows" remake. The veteran rocker, who just released a brand new album, "Welcome 2 My Nightmare," will be appearing in the "Alice in Wonderland" director's reboot of the gothic soap opera.

Cooper plays himself in the movie — which is set in 1972 — and he'll be performing the classic "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for his Collins party set. On rock, horror, and comedy, Cooper told the Los Angeles Times: "Tim Burton knows it so well. He’s one of a kind. He’s a kindred spirit."

There's a lot of horror happening at Santa Monica's American Film Market (AFM) this week — which means there's a lot of wheelin' and dealin' for new projects in the pipeline that want to get made. See what new terror tales are being previewed this week, and catch up on other horror bites past the break.

Elijah Wood to Play a Sleazeball Killer in 'Maniac' Remake

William Lustig's sleazy slasher favorite, "Maniac," may be seeing baby-faced Elijah Wood as a topliner for the Alexandre Aja ("Piranha 3D") produced remake. "The Lord of the Rings" star would be playing Frank — a psychopathic loner that hunts women through the gritty streets of New York City in the original film. Nora Arnezeder ("Safe House") will play Anna — a role that Hammer horror vixen Caroline Murno took on in the original movie. She's the fashion photographer that Frank falls for. It's hard to imagine Wood in the role of a seedy madman, but Bloody Disgusting says they've got the exclusive skinny on the matter. Can you see Frodo on a bloody rampage?

'Saw' Writers' New Book Gets Screen Adaptation

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton who penned the gory "Saw" movie you know and love have written a book with Shock Festival creator Stephen Romano. It's called "Black Light," and now the thriller is set to be a movie. The story involves some supernatural detective action, a tragic family death, and a "black light" that the investigator uses to try to connect with his past. "When a reclusive billionaire hires him, all the pieces begin to fit together." There's a book trailer over here if you'd like to learn more. Can the story make the switch to the screen successfully?

Cillian Murphy Gives Good Crazy Eyes in 'Red Lights'

"28 Days Later" star Cillian Murphy is looking a little cray cray in the new images from "Red Lights." The strange tale finds "The Dark Knight" actor alongside Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, Joely Richardson, and Elizabeth Olsen as a tortured paranormal fraud investigative assistant. De Niro is a "legendary psychic" who strangely reappears after missing for thirty years. Murphy's character is challenged by his powers and the "inexplicable dark phenomena" that ensues. "Buried" director Rodrigo Cortes directs the picture, also previewing at AFM. Are you on board?

'Paranormal Activity' Director Making a Radioactive Ghost Flick

With the recent success of "Paranormal Activity 3," the original director of the supernatural series is fresh in our minds — and he's got a new project in the making. Oren Peli's untitled new thriller won over the wallets of the folks at FilmNation during AFM. Peli wrote the script for the new movie, and Brad Parker directs the story about a group of friends who are haunted by strange cries throughout a desolate city where they have been abandoned after a nuclear disaster plagued the area. Think there will be video cams amongst the lost crew documenting the whole thing?

Jessica Biel Plays a Mom with a Missing Child in 'The Tall Man'

What's scarier: Pascal Laugier's ("Martyrs") new film title, "The Tall Man," or Jessica Biel starring in the movie as a mom? She plays a nurse who moves to a small town where the local kiddies seem to go missing under mysterious circumstances. Legend has it that a "tall man" lurks about, stealing them in the night. When her son goes missing, she has to face the truth — and her skepticism. A new photo of Biel premiered at AFM. Check it out over here.

'Halloween' Stars Turn up the Heat to '247°F'

Sounding more like a deodorant commercial or a lost boy band from the mid '90s comes "247°F" starring the "Halloween" remake crew — Scout Taylor-Compton (final girl superstar Laurie Strode) and Tyler Mane (Michael Myers himself). Sadly, this movie may turn out to be worse than Rob Zombie's travesty judging by the trailer. Four pals go to the lake for a weekend, but three of them get locked in a dangerously hot sauna and have to fight for their lives. This project's looking for love at AFM, so … yeah. Is this really the kind of thing the "Halloween" crew should be pursuing?

'Shark Night 3D' Director and Starlet Swim in 'Briar Lake'

"The Briar Lake Murders" brings "Shark Night 3D" compadres, director David R. Ellis and star Sara Paxton together again. The film's temporary website has launched and explains the bizarre and deadly circumstances surrounding a group of "rude and insensitive city kids" who hit up the lake in a small town for a getaway. After several brutal murders in the local area, the group find themselves the prime suspects of the wrongdoing. Of course, the town has a secret past — which doesn't mean anything good for our gang of unruly visitors. Will you vacation with the "Briar Lake" kids, or take a permanent detour from this trip altogether?

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