'Underworld: Awakening' Trailer: New Beasts, Same Sexy Kate Beckinsale

"Underworld: Awakening" is not your older sibling's "Underworld" movie. Times have changed a lot in the years that have passed since "Underworld: Evolution," and now leading lady Selene (Kate Beckinsale) -- and the audience -- will have to catch up with the times.

The first big change: humans now hunt the vampires and lycans, instead of vice versa. Also, according to a voice over in the new trailer for the movie, there's been an epidemic (likely humans being transformed into vamps and werewolves) that has swept the nation. Scientists have found "the one" that will lead to a cure from said infestation.

Except, maybe not. As Selene warns in the trailer: "Everything they've told you is a lie."

It seems like the game-changer is a young girl appropriately named Eve, played by "The Secret Life of an American Teenager's" India Eisley. The girl is a hybrid, the first of her kind, and apparently the answer scientists needed to resolve their issues. But is she half-human and half-vampire, half-lycan and half-vampire, or some other combination of the three? It's unclear in the trailer, and that question likely won't be answered until "Underworld Awakening" hits theaters on January 20.

The trailer also gives plenty of screen time to some of the new faces in this film. In addition to Eisley, we also see a lot more of Michael Ealy and Theo James. But where is her former flame Michael Corvin, played by Scott Speedman? Could it be that he's the giant lycan beast Selene is so afraid of? Again, only time will tell the answers to these questions.

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