'G.I. Joe' Sneak Peek: Rock Goes Behind The Scenes

G.I. Joe

If "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" left you cold, its sequel — "Retaliation" — should warm you right up. The Rock is on board as Roadblock, leading an all-star cast that includes Bruce Willis as the original Joe, Ray Stevenson as bad guy Firefly, RZA as the Blind Master and returning "Joe" veterans Channing Tatum as Duke and Ray Park as Snake-Eyes. It's a strong cast and a great assortment of classic "Joe" characters that has at least this fan very, very stoked.

We haven't seen much from the film yet, but a new "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" sneak peek courtesy of Entertainment Tonight is shining some light on the subject. Read what ET found out on the set of the "Joe" sequel beyond the jump.

Roadblock Is A *Bleep*

Easily one of the all-time most popular G.I. Joe characters, Roadblock finally makes his big-screen debut courtesy of Dwayne Johnson. Comic book and cartoon fans know Roadblock best for his excellent cooking and his tendency to rhyme all the time, but what else is there to know about the Rock's character?

"Roadblock's a BAMF," Johnson told ET, which he translated as "bad-ass mother-f****r." He's not just a BAMF, though — Johnson also describes Roadblock as "the glue of the G.I. Joes."

Rock And Willis Go Way Back

Another major draw of the new "G.I. Joe" movie is Bruce Willis, who joins the team as Joe Colton, founder of the titular elite squad. Working with Willis has been a real highlight for Johnson, based on his description of his co-star.

"Bruce is the man," he said. "We've been buddies for some time now. It's been not only a pleasure working with him, but considering everything he's done in movies, the guy is iconic in our business on many levels. This type of movie in this setting where he is the creator of the Joes — he's Joe Colton — we get together and save the world together and kick all kinds of ass."

Lady Jaye & Flint Show Up

Two other fan-favorite characters making their long-awaited arrival are Flint and Lady Jaye, critical members of the core Joe team who happen to have an extensive romantic history with each other. No word on whether or not that carries over into the film, but actress Adrianne Palicki's description of Lady Jaye has us excited nonetheless.

"My character is a strong woman," she said. "She's in this world that women aren’t usually allowed into. I think she's constantly trying to prove herself and she does it really well. She's the intelligence of the group. She holds her own."

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