'Harry Potter' Author J.K. Rowling Nearly Killed Ron Weasley

Harry Potter

Harry, Hermione and Ron survived their fair share of ordeals over the course of the "Harry Potter" franchise, but they almost didn't make it out alive — not all of them, at least.

"Potter" creator J.K. Rowling recently admitted in an interview that she briefly flirted with the idea of killing off Ron Weasley, Harry's red-headed best friend, before the series reached its conclusion. In the end, she couldn't pull the trigger (or cast the killing curse, as it were), gifting the series' core trio with the happy ending fans had hoped for all along.

Killing Ron Weasley would have been a major twist, to say the least, but would it have been a good one? We rounded up some of our favorite "Potter" experts from around the blogosphere to weigh in on how the death of Ron would have changed the game.

Terri Schwartz, MTV Movies:

"There always were rumors that one of the Big Three was going to get killed off by the final 'Potter' book and, to be honest, I kind of always expected it was going to be Ron. Of the three, Hermione was always my favorite and Ron my least favorite, so while it would have been upsetting it would have been hard to say I didn't see it coming. After Sirius Black and Dumbledore were offed, I was ready for anything to happen."

Brooke Tarnoff, NextMovie:

"Rowling did the world a kindness by resisting the impulse. Maybe offing one of her three principal characters would have been an edgy choice, but the series accomplished that in killing poor orphan Harry’s godfather and then his mentor. It’s probably unrealistic that all three of them would make it through the epicenter of a wizard holocaust, but in a world of house-elves and grindylows – one initially designed for kids – it’s OK to take some realism and edginess off the table."

Julia Hodges, RupertGrint.net:

"As a devoted fan of both Ron Weasley and the actor who portrays him, Rupert Grint, I would have been devastated if Rowling had killed him off. When reading the series, I always thought that Harry might die in the end but I would have never predicted the death of Ron; it would have drastically changed the end feeling of the series for me. Jo, if you see this, I would like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for not killing off my favorite ginger."

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