'Immortals' Mondays: Moving In God Speed

"Immortals" is just two weeks away from hitting theaters, but if we were able to move in God Speed, we'd be at that November 11 release date a whole lot quicker.

I'm talking about the speed with which Zeus, Poseidon and the other immortal powers of Olympus move against their adversaries, the Titans, in the Tarsem Singh-directed epic. Aside from the perpetually shirtless Henry Cavill and the eternally gorgeous Freida Pinto, perhaps the biggest draw of "Immortals" is the glorious battles between the Gods and the Titans, some of the most breathtaking violence I've ever seen committed to the screen, thanks largely to the otherworldly pacing of the sequences. Get an early look at God Speed for yourself in today's "Immortals" Mondays exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette!

"Immortals" hits theaters on November 11, 2011.