Abigail Breslin Learns To Rock In 'Janie Jones'

It's not an easy thing, playing a father-daughter rock-duo, and making it seem authentic. For "Janie Jones" stars Abigail Breslin and Alessandro Nivola had to fit the bill, but it was easier for one than the other.

Breslin may be known for her dance moves from her breakout role in "Little Miss Sunshine," but when it came to singing, she was a novice before getting the role. "For me, I never really sung before. I started taking a few voice lessons just for fun, and then it was kind of coincidence that this script came about," said Breslin, who plays the titular role of Janie Jones, a young sing-songwriter abandoned by her mom and left to live with her dead-beat rocker dad, played by Nivola.

The role presented Breslin with an opportunity that she found both rewarding and stressful. "It was incredibly nerve-racking especially to go in with somebody who was so experienced," Breslin said in regard to Nivola. "He's such a good singer and guitar player."

Nivola talks about his experience a little more modestly, and says he never had any real professional ambitions. "I had played in some bands in college and high school, all of them distinctly amateurish," Nivola said. "My most glamorous gig was playing toga parties at frats in college, and I remember having beer poured over my head while I was trying to find the chords to 'Magic Carpet Ride.'"

Nivola might not continue his career as a rocker past the release of the movie, but for Breslin, "Janie Jones" was only the beginning of her musical career. After her experience with the film and learning how to sing and play guitar, she formed a band with her friends called Cabb.

"Janie Jones" is now in select theaters and is available on demand.

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