Freddy Krueger Wins MTV's Killer Halloween!

Halloween is here, and we've got a great treat for you to go along with your mountains of chocolate bars this year: the results of MTV's Killer Halloween! All last week, we asked you to rank 10 of our favorite horror movie killers based on five different attributes — style, weaponry, personality, gross factor and legacy — and we've got the combined results for each of these categories. The winner: one extremely well-rounded horror movie killer to haunt your dreams forever.

1st Place: Freddy Krueger

That's right, none other than "Nightmare on Elm Street" baddie Freddy Krueger is the winner of Killer Halloween! The clear cut winner in three categories — style, personality and legacy — Krueger also more than held his own in the weaponry and gross factor departments, coming in second only to Leatherface of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fame. Congrats on the win, Freddy… we'll see you in our nightmares tonight!

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2nd Place: Jigsaw

He schooled horror movie enthusiasts over the course of seven films, and the lesson apparently took: Jigsaw of the "Saw" franchise is the second place finisher in this year's Killer Halloween. He earned major points in the weaponry and gross factor departments—well earned victories, if we do say so ourselves—and scored well in every other category as well… well, almost. It was Jigsaw's style points that prevented him from taking the lead. Just like the man, clothes can apparently make or break a horror movie killer!

3rd Place: Hannibal Lecter

Losing to Jigsaw by a mere .02 points is the "Silence of the Lambs" cannibal, our only Killer Halloween competitor with an Oscar in his trophy case alongside all the severed limbs and body parts. Hannibal was a big player in the personality, gross factor and legacy departments, but performed consistently in style and weaponry as well. When reached for comment, Dr. Lecter said he'd be enjoying his third place finish along with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

4th Place: Leatherface

Though he only came in fourth place, Leatherface can proudly hold his chainsaw high with the knowledge that he was the definitive winner in the weapons and gross factor departments. But it was his utter lack of personality that proved to be his undoing. The lesson here, Leatherface, is you've got to become more cultured. Get out of Texas, go out and see the world. There's much to see, much to learn, and many people nationwide and abroad to saw in half and wear on your face!

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