'Harry Potter' DVDs Returning Late 2012, Early 2013

Harry Potter

When I suggested that another "Harry Potter" complete DVD boxed set was on its way in the next year or so, I wasn't very far off. Warner Bros might be making a big deal of the fact that "Harry Potter" DVDs are being taken off shelves starting December 29, but they won't be gone forever. In fact, one head honcho over at WB says that yes, there will be a new even better special edition boxed set of all eight "Potter" DVDs due out by the end of 2012.

Entertainment Weekly chatted with Warner Bros's senior VP and general manager of their theatrical catalog Jeff Baker, who says that execs at WB are planning on a new boxed set focused on special features due out next year.

"There is discussion internally about aggregating assets from all of these films over the last decade and adding some new things -- we’ve never done an Ultimate Edition on the final two films -- and doing some grand kind of piece," he says. "It could be the end of 2012 or the beginning of ’13."

In other words, the current boxed set that is coming out on November 11 that has all eight "Potter" DVDs doesn't sound like the be-all-end-all collector's item for die-hard "Potter" fans, which explains why the current boxed set is going for $60 on Amazon.com, by all intents and purposes a steal. If you -- like me -- have been saving your pretty pennies for a compilation that includes a whole slew of special features, perhaps its best to hold off on purchasing the DVDs until next year when the (better) edition comes out.

Baker adds that, though WB has been making a big deal about how they're pulling the "Potter" DVDs off shelves on December 29, the DVDs will probably still be around at the beginning of next year. It's not that WB is issuing a recall of the DVDs, it's that they won't be shipping out any new ones.

"Even though there could be a sense of urgency from the consumers' perspective, there will be 'Potter' product come the first of the year," he explains. "But over time, they’ll be less and less of that inventory. At some point, whether it's next April or May or June or July, it'll probably be very difficult to find 'Harry Potter' product, especially if you're looking for the third movie or the fifth movie, for example."

If you had been getting worried that you'd never be able to find a "Potter" DVD again after December 29, this should ease your fears. The Boy Who Lived isn't going to be gone forever, and he'll likely be back before you even get a chance to really miss him.

With that in mind, plus their reassurance that there will still be Potter product on shelves next year (though rarer in the springish season), does that make you feel less rushed about getting Potter now? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!