'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer: Tom Cruise On The Run!

Ethan Hunt's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to go rogue.

The latest -- and most insightful -- "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" trailer hit the web courtesy of Yahoo! Trailers. And, for those of us who are excited for this movie for its whole cast instead of just Tom Cruise's continued participation, this teaser also gives the best look at the IMF team yet. It looks like they're going to have some interesting chemistry.

It was obvious from earlier trailers that Jeremy Renner's character Brandt is more than meets the eye (this isn't a stretch: they have an exchange where Hunt asks him who he is really and Brandt replies, "We all have our secrets"), but this preview of the movie gives a better sense of the tension between the two IMF agents.

Simon Pegg's Benji and Paula Patton's Jane are clearly on the side of Team Hunt, but Brandt looks like he's likely to cause a good deal of trouble for the group. And Josh Holloway's Trevor Hanaway looks like he's up to absolutely no good in "Ghost Protocol." So who can Hunt trust this time around?

In case you missed the previous trailer for this film, Hunt and the rest of the IMF unit are set up on a mission in Moscow, and the Russian government considers the unexpected attack an act of war. The President initiates a black operation called "ghost protocol" and disavows the entire IMF force. It's up to Hunt to organize his team and find Brij Nath (Anil Kapoor), an intelligence agent with knowledge of the Moscow attack and the targeting of IMF.

Also, let's take a brief moment of silence for Tom Wilkinson's seemingly deceased IMF leader, may he rest in peace away from all the craziness of a secret agent's lifestyle.

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