Johnny Depp's 'Rum Diary' Inspired Booze-ography

Today, in theaters around the country, you can pay money to see Johnny Depp get drunk. Real drunk. Blacked-out, forget-who-you-are, hallucination-heavy drunk in "The Rum Diary."

What fun! Who couldn't use a little more drunk Johnny Depp in these uncertain times? With that thought it mind, we started wondering what Depp's other films would look like thoroughly soaked in booze: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" if Tim Burton put less of an emphasis on surgery fun and more on bourbon-fueled craziness, "Pirates of the Caribbean" had skulls been used for parties rather than supernatural scares, "Alice in Wonderland" had everyone been high on set (though, honestly, they might have been).

Alas, these movies aren't going to be remade with new, drunken agendas; the next best thing would be to ignore reality, like Depp does so well in "Rum Diary," and imbibe as if they were. For this quest, we turned to The Hurricane Club, an elegant tiki-inspired restaurant in Manhattan. Head bartender Colin Mooney designed five cocktails for us based on Depp's films. The wacky result is Johnny Depp's Booze-ography.

The 161 miniature bottles that Depp drinks in "Rum Diary" may not be complimentary, as he eventually discovers to his dismay, but these cocktails are. Enjoy responsibly!

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