'Hunger Games' Posters, Rue's Song & Peeta Vs. Gale

The Hunger Games

"Hunger Games" fans, today is your day. Want an exclusive look at a new poster of Josh Hutcherson's Peeta? We've got it. How about some talk from Amandla Stenberg about playing Rue in the Gary Ross-directed picture? Got that too, plus more!

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Posters Galore

Brand new "Hunger Games" posters have cropped up all across the web, including right here at MTV News. Our friends at Hollywood Crush have an exclusive first look at the new Peeta poster, showing Josh Hutcherson as the baker's son. Check it out for yourself right over here. Does he live up to your expectations?

Whistle Away

When is a whistle not a whistle? When it's turned into a song, apparently! Amandla Stenberg, who plays Rue in "Hunger Games," told us at the Halo Awards this week that her character's famous whistle—a signal she uses to catch the attention of Katniss Everdeen, the story's hero played by Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence—is now a song. I'm not bothered by the change, especially coming from the impossibly adorable Amandla. See what she had to say in the video below.

Peeta vs. Gale

Amandla and her co-star Jacqueline Emerson, who plays the crafty tribute Foxface, also weighed in on whether or not they side with Peeta, Katniss' partner in crime during the titular games, or Gale, our hero's love interest who still resides in their shared home of District 12. See who's side they're taking in the video below.

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