MTV's Killer Halloween: Ew, The Gross Factor!

Welcome to MTV's Killer Halloween! All week long, we're looking at ten of the greatest horror movie villains of all time, and with your help, we'll determine once and for all just how powerful these murdering psychopaths and evil masterminds really are.

Our contestants: Freddy Krueger ("A Nightmare on Elm Street"), Jason Voorhees ("Friday the Thirteenth"), Michael Myers ("Halloween"), Ghostface ("Scream"), Leatherface ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Chucky ("Child's Play"), Norman Bates ("Psycho"), Pinhead ("Hellraiser"), Hannibal Lecter ("Silence of the Lambs") and Jigsaw ("Saw").


Having great style, effective weaponry and a killer personality is all well and dandy, but what really makes a horror killer so special is the gross factor. Whether it's the nausea you feel when gazing upon their faces, or the stomach-churning sensation you suffer on witnessing their grotesque acts of violence, a horror movie killer's bloodsoaked rampage is meaningless without a viewer's need to vomit. Thankfully, our competitors bring the gag reflex in spades.

Vote on the Killer Halloween murderers' respective gross factors — one being tame, five being impossibly revolting — after the jump!

Freddy Krueger

After all these years of killing teenagers, it must be a point of pride for Mr. Krueger that he took out a young Johnny Depp in the first "Elm Street" movie, turning the future Captain Jack Sparrow into a fountain of blood.

Jason Voorhees

Check out a list of iconic horror movie kills and you'll always find one by Jason from the much-hated "Jason X." The kill involved liquid nitrogen, a steel table and a woman's head, not necessarily in that order.

Michael Myers

If Freddy is going to take credit for killing Johnny Depp, Michael should be noted for his love of sharp objects and putting a hockey skate through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face in "Halloween H20." It's not quite the same, but gross nonetheless.


The "Scream" killer tends to keep things as simple as the name of the fictional movies he inspired, "Stab." Ghostface will, however, on occasion get creative, as he did in the first movie by trapping a girl in a doggie door and killing her with the garage door.


The man wears other people's skin on his face. On his face! Think about it. Then his family eats them.


One of the grossest aspects about Chucky is entirely separate from how he kills people. Chucky has a tendency to get injured and reveal the human flesh beneath his doll exterior, such as when he was forced to tear his own legs off in "Child's Play 2."

Norman Bates

Like the rest of Hitchcock's oeuvre, the real terror is all about what you don't see. The demands of 1960s film making didn't allow for Hitch to show the gruesome details of the shower scene, but the kill becomes even more horrifying in your imagination.


For Pinhead, the name of the game is the pleasures of pain, and pain is what he brings throughout the series, pushing the limits of his victims as he tortures them in sadomasochistic ritual for all eternity.

Hannibal Lecter

It's hard to separate Hannibal from his most iconic on-screen kill, the murder of two security guards, one of whom he steals a face from. The scene remains one of the most graphic and iconic of the series. Oh, and there was also the time when he ate Ray Liotta's brains. That was pretty nasty.


Jigsaw as a movie villain and "Saw" as a film series exist explicitly for the reason of the gross out. Whether you consider it torture porn or just a graphic scary movie, the series' love of gore is undeniable.

Check out the results for Killer Halloween's personality poll!

No surprise here: Freddy Krueger is your pick for biggest personality among our roster of horror movie killers. Hannibal Lecter makes his first major appearance on the board as the second place finisher, with Ghostface and Chucky close behind. Apparently, nobody thinks there's anything funny about Pinhead's desire to torture you for all of eternity, as he ranked lowest in personality. You just better hope he doesn't have the last laugh...

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