MTV's Killer Halloween: Split Personality

Welcome to MTV's Killer Halloween! All week long, we're looking at ten of the greatest horror movie villains of all time, and with your help, we'll determine once and for all just how powerful these murdering psychopaths and evil masterminds really are.

Our contestants: Freddy Krueger ("A Nightmare on Elm Street"), Jason Voorhees ("Friday the Thirteenth"), Michael Myers ("Halloween"), Ghostface ("Scream"), Leatherface ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Chucky ("Child's Play"), Norman Bates ("Psycho"), Pinhead ("Hellraiser"), Hannibal Lecter ("Silence of the Lambs") and Jigsaw ("Saw").


We've already covered style and weaponry, and now it's time to turn to another crucial element that makes the horror killer: his personality. Sure you can slash, yes you can stab, but can you pull these moves off with a winning one-liner and an unforgettable cackle?

After the jump, vote on a scale of one to five -- one being worst, five being best -- to rank the personalities of our Killer Halloween competitors!

Freddy Krueger

The thing about Freddy is that he isn't just going to kill you. He's going to cut into you with his razor fingers and make fun of you while he does it. No killer's wit is quite as deadly as the nightmare from Elm Street.

Jason Voorhees

More the strong, silent type, Jason is a mama's boy through and through and proud of it. He loves his mom so much that in "Freddy vs. Jason," his devotion was enough to make him come back from the dead. That's dedication!

Michael Myers

Not exactly known for his sense of humor, the embodiment of pure evil has a pension for slow walks, hanging out with his sister, Laurie, and sitting in a room staring at a wall, not seeing the wall, looking past the wall, looking at this night.


The killer from "Scream" is the horror movie version of that friend who thinks he knows everything about movies. Ghostface won't just annoy you by stalking you over the phone and eventually killing you, he'll make you feel totally uncultured in the process.


The victim of horrible in-breeding, Leatherface is essentially a man-child who does his family's bidding. His hobbies include chainsaw repair, cannibalism and butchery.


When Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul over to a Good Guy doll, he brought every ounce of psychosis with him. Chucky may look sweet, but he is every bit the pissed-off murderer he was as a human.

Norman Bates

Norman may seem like a mild-mannered motelier who wouldn't hurt a fly, but the other, more motherly half of his personality definitely would. Norman's the kind of guy who will make a sandwich for you, but Mother's rude enough to interrupt a nice, calming shower.


The soul stealer from "Hellraiser" certainly takes the cake for the kinkiest of all movie killers. Pinhead doesn't just take you to Hell. He takes you to Hell and then tortures you in sadomasochistic acts for all eternity.

Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Lecter is nice enough to talk to as long as there's a thick pane of Plexiglas between the two of you. He's a master of psychology, whose brain power is strong enough that he can convince the inmate one cell over to shallow his own tongue.


Jigsaw is obsessed with testing the moral fiber of his unlucky test subjects. If he finds you worthy of life, you'll live, but only after experiencing the worst of Jigsaw's imagination.

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Leatherface saws his way to the top in this round, with Jigsaw and his bear-trap masks close behind! Freddy remains the most consistent killer of the bunch, but how will that change once personality is taken into account? We'll find out tomorrow as MTV's Killer Halloween week continues!

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