'Avengers' Trailer Features Loki's Arrival On Earth, Teases Tom Hiddleston

Have you been thinking about Loki's first appearance in the "Avengers" trailer, wondering whether or not that's the Asgardian villain's first arrival on Earth in the film? Wonder no more: Tom Hiddleston confirmed to MTV News that, yes, you are indeed looking at Loki's grand entrance, though the particular how's and why's remain unclear. See what he had to say in the video below.

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"Walking" Recap

The second episode of the new season of "The Walking Dead" premiered on Sunday (October 23), and yours truly sat behind the wheel of this week's recap. Give that a read, and if you're thirsty for more "Dead" goodness, see what actor Jon Bernthal had to say about the latest episode's Shane-centric cliffhanger!

Millar For Three

It's a good week to be comic book writer Mark Millar. The "Kick-Ass" creator is reuniting with director Matthew Vaughn on two adaptations — "Superior" and "The Secret Service" — and on top of that, the rights for his comic "War Heroes" have been snatched up by Universal. Not exactly "Kick-Ass 2" levels of exciting, but cool enough news nonetheless!

"Avengers" Assemble On DVD!

Some more "Avengers" news for you, but not of the movie variety. We have an exclusive clip from "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," the animated series that unleashed volumes three and four on DVD today (October 25). Watch the video below to see Thor kick all kinds of Asgardian tail!

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