MTV's Killer Halloween: Bloody Legacy

Welcome to MTV's Killer Halloween! All week long, we're looking at ten of the greatest horror movie villains of all time, and with your help, we'll determine once and for all just how powerful these murdering psychopaths and evil masterminds really are.

Our contestants: Freddy Krueger ("A Nightmare on Elm Street"), Jason Voorhees ("Friday the Thirteenth"), Michael Myers ("Halloween"), Ghostface ("Scream"), Leatherface ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Chucky ("Child's Play"), Norman Bates ("Psycho"), Pinhead ("Hellraiser"), Hannibal Lecter ("Silence of the Lambs") and Jigsaw ("Saw").


Style, weapons, personality and gross factor aside, a horror movie killer's greatest asset is the legacy he leaves behind, whether we're talking about the continued success of these murderers' respective franchises or the long history of bloodshed they've carved out in the fictional worlds they exist in.

Rank the killers' haunting legacies -- one being completely forgettable, five being everlasting -- beyond the break. This is the last Killer Halloween category, and voting continues until Sunday (October 30) at 7PM EST. Check back on Halloween for all of the final results!

Freddy Krueger

As long as teenagers are dreaming, Freddy will be there to haunt them. After nine official films, it's certain that Freddy is here stay, and since he exists primarily in dreams, there is truly no killing this killer.

Jason Voorhees

Arguably, the killer that has had to suffer through the most deaths and resurrections and, more importantly, the most really bad sequels, Jason's run may have been rough, but all it takes is a lightning strike or a down wire to send him back on the hunt.

Michael Myers

Depending on who you ask, Michael Myers either benefitted or was hurt by two remakes by Rob Zombie, but the reboot did prove that people are still interested in the man in the William Shatner mask.


The killer who was always in on the joke and always knew the rules of the game has skewed further and further into meta-madness with each subsequent sequel, but there will always be something intriguing about the voice on the other end of the phone.


For as much as he's seen in popular culture these days, Leatherface is only associated with one truly memorable movie, and because of the original's status as a horror classic, Leatherface's legacy lives on.


Years after the original run of films and then the two most recent films, "The Bride of Chucky" and "The Seed of Chucky," it's pretty much safe to say that the character is more memorable than the films, but few can forget the lovable look of evil on the creepy doll's face.

Norman Bates

Thankfully, few people remember the sequels. (To be fair, some people consider "Psycho III" an underappreciated classic.) But the unforgettable original film will remain one of the essential horror films for generations to come. It can be argued that there would be no slasher genre without Norman Bates, and to that end, you gotta respect the original.


Unfortunately, Pinhead's legacy has been more or less relegated to direct-to-video sequels, and similar to Chucky, the character has transcended the public knowledge of the films he starred in.

Hannibal Lecter

The good doctor has the power of the Academy Awards on his side. With "Silence of the Lambs" sweeping the major categories in 1992, Lecter's status as one of cinema's most memorable characters was cemented.


Is he finally dead? There have been so many sequels it's honestly hard to say. Since 2011 was the first Halloween in 8 years where a new "Saw" film hasn't debuted, Jigsaw may be gone for good. Until they reboot, that is.

Check out the results from Killer Halloween's Gross Factor poll!

What he lacks in personality he more than makes up for in vomit-inducing kills, as Leatherface is the champion in the Gross Factor category! He's followed extremely closely by the inventive psychopath Jigsaw, with flesh-hungry Hannibal and dream-haunting Freddy Krueger hanging in the three and four spots. Once again, no respect for Norman Bates, who scored lowest in this category -- perhaps he'll bounce back once Legacy is measured, as there's no doubt that his influence on horror movies is immeasurable.

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