'Once Upon A Time' Stars Talk New Fairy Tale Series

FROM MTV MOVIES: The characters in the fairy tales you grew up listening to are people too. That's a big part of the story behind ABC's fantasy series "Once Upon a Time." From the minds of former "Lost" writers and producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, "Once Upon a Time" follows the lives of a number of storybook characters who find themselves trapped in the real world after a curse is placed on them.

Jennifer Morrison ("Warrior") stars as Emma Swan, the woman tasked with saving the fairy-tale world and bringing back the happy endings. Morrison says that there's much more to the series than the familiar faces, like Snow White, and that the show is about something bigger and much more relatable.

"It's relationship driven. There is this sort of underlying universal thing," Morrison said. "We're in a time in our lives where the economy's kind of tough and jobs are tough, a lot of struggles people are facing. In a sense, our show really represents that in the curse that is on the characters and the hope that there is a way out, that you can band together and find a way out."

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