'Paranormal Activity 3' Scares Up Box Office Record

Afraid or not, it looks like no amount of fear can keep the people away from "Paranormal Activity 3." The latest installment in the found footage horror franchise hit movie theaters over the weekend and scared up a box office record for highest fall opening ever (September/October) with a staggering $54 million total.

"Paranormal Activity 3" also secured the record for best opening for a pure horror movie, previously held by -- you guessed it -- "Paranormal Activity 2," which debuted last year with $40.7 million. Clearly, we'll have more haunted "Activity" in our moviegoing futures.

If you've already seen "Paranormal Activity 3," the fun isn't over. MTV News spoke with co-directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman to answer seven different burning questions about the movie. Some examples of what they had to say (spoiler alert):

» Joost on the Bloody Mary: "We shot that scene three different ways. We shot the version that's in the trailer, where it's just the girls. And then we shot it with Dennis, Randy and Katie. The first two times were good, but we felt like we could take it to the next level. On set, we came up with the rattling door. We were like, 'Can you make something in the room fly out of the room?'"

» Schulman on the ending: "The grandmother is the leader of a coven that is calling forth a demon. That demon is requesting a male host, a child. Someone has made a deal with the devil in return for a boy somewhere along this family lineage. That hasn't happened yet. It happens in 'Paranormal 2.' In 'Paranormal 2,' the grandma is forcing the issue. Once that boy is had, she will be there with her coven and the demon in order to deliver the baby."

Click here for the pair's answers to other "Paranormal Activity" burning questions.

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