'Immortals' Mondays: Kellan Lutz Takes A Dive As Poseidon!

"Immortals Mondays" continues today with an exclusive behind the scenes look at Poseidon, the trident-wielding god played by "Twilight" favorite Kellan Lutz.

Describing his character as "the favorite uncle," Lutz explained that the god of the sea has been commanded by his brother Zeus (Luke Evans) not to interfere with the matters of men. Poseidon has a hard time adhering to this order, of course, leading him to spearhead one of the most visually breathtaking moments in the entirety of Tarsem Singh's mythological epic. Take a glimpse in the video below.

In addition to the exclusive video, we also have details on an "Immortals" sweepstakes. The Gods need a Hometown Hero, and MTV is looking for one man or woman to assemble their troops for a private hometown screening of "Immortals." Click here to find out how to enter!