'Paranormal Activity 3' Hits Theaters, Unveils New Clip

Paranormal Activity 3

The third installment in the "Paranormal Activity" franchise creeps into theaters this weekend. To get you ready for supernatural chills, there's a sixth viral clip that's been released. "Catfish" directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman direct the film that finds a young Katie (from the first and second films), and her sister Kristi battling evil.

The newest clip shows more found footage, set at night in the bedroom. Paramount has stuck with their grassroots, viral marketing campaign for the film since Oren Peli's 2007 movie. Mysterious VHS tapes — simply labeled with the date, 1988 — were passed around to various websites, revealing similar found footage. See what terror this one contains by clicking right here.

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"The Frozen Ground" Gets Their Girl

It's been too long since we've had news about the Nicolas Cage serial killer movie, "The Frozen Ground." We miss your hair, Nic! "Crazy Eyes" Cage plays an Alaskan state trooper tracking a murderer named Hansen. (It's bad that all we can think about is "MMMBop", right?) "Big Love's" Katherine LaNasa has just been cast as Hansen's (John Cusack) wife in the film. She's one of the few women that the notorious psychopath hasn't abducted and hunted like game in the wilderness. Lucky!

Sorry, "The Culling" Has Nothing to do with The Cullens

Currently shooting in New Orleans, "The Culling" finds five friends in one of the most typical — but never tiring — horror scenarios ever. The college buddies plan on spending a fun-filled weekend together out of town, but their itinerary changes when something evil gets in the way. After finding an abandoned 7-year-old girl at an empty café, the pals drive her home, but they don't know that a nightmare awaits them at the house when they arrive to stay for the night. The folks behind "Machine Gun Preacher" and "Black Swan" are producing this one, which means it might not suck. Jeremy Sumpter, Bret Davern, Elizabeth DiPrinzio, Chris Coy, Lindsey Godfrey, Virginia Williams, Jonathan Schaech and Harley Graham are starring in the indie horror-thriller.

"Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" Rides On

Nic Cage makes another Horror Bites appearance this week. The Spike TV Scream Awards premiered a clip from the upcoming "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's new movie stars Cage as the hell-on-wheels biker Johnny Blaze (AKA Ghost Rider), and he's not looking too happy in this clip. Ghost Rider's sequestered himself in Eastern Europe trying to repress his curse, but he's recruited to battle the devil who wants to possess a boy's body. The preview looks better than the 2007 film, so perhaps there's hope for this one. See it all go down on February 17 next year.

Zombie God George Romero Performs "The Zombie Autopsies"

Legendary "Night of the Living Dead" director George A. Romero may be taunting us with fleshmunchers once more in a new film. A pal of the director's wrote a novel called "The Zombie Autopsies," which surrounds an "isolated group of people doing autopsies on zombies during the zombie apocalypse and trying to figure out what the hell caused this. They come upon [a] discovery." Romero's new movie promises to be bloody good. "I want it to be perfectly accurate, almost shockingly so," he told io9.

"Piranha 3DD" Trailer is Ridiculous Fun

Also at the Scream Awards this week, the trailer for "Piranha 3DD" made an appearance, and it does not disappoint. So far the film lives up to its name, as you can see from the multiple teeny bikinis in the clip. David Hasselhoff. Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Danielle Panabaker and more also star in the fish flick that centers on angry piranha that take over a water park — a mecca for bare flesh.

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