MTV's Killer Halloween: Style To Die For!

Welcome to MTV's Killer Halloween! All week long, we're looking at ten of the greatest horror movie villains of all time, and with your help, we'll determine once and for all just how powerful these murdering psychopaths and evil masterminds really are.

Our contestants: Freddy Krueger ("A Nightmare on Elm Street"), Jason Voorhees ("Friday the Thirteenth"), Michael Myers ("Halloween"), Ghostface ("Scream"), Leatherface ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Chucky ("Child's Play"), Norman Bates ("Psycho"), Pinhead ("Hellraiser"), Hannibal Lecter ("Silence of the Lambs") and Jigsaw ("Saw").


Today, before we get these killers to spill their guts and show us what they're really made of, we're focusing on something more at the surface: their style. A horror icon is nothing without an iconic look, and all ten of these killers have their own unique aesthetic to remember them by.

Beyond the break, rank each horror villain's style points -- one being poor style, five being excellent style -- and check back tomorrow for the results and the next round of voting!

Freddy Krueger

He gifted hipsters with the sweater of their dreams -- or their nightmares, depending on your view. Plus, Freddy introduced the one-glove look to popular culture. No one else could be held responsible for that, right?

Jason Voorhees

The difference between Batman and his Gotham City impersonators? He's not wearing hockey pads. But the terror of Camp Crystal Lake has a different, more optimistic view on hockey equipment as a fashion statement than Gotham's Caped Crusader -- we tend to side with Jason on this one.

Michael Myers

It's not often that we here at MTV Movies go outside with our gas station attendant uniform and scary-man masks on, but when we do, we look a lot like the "Halloween" icon. Trust us, there's no better outfit to get your slow-walk on.


Talk about economical! Not only does Ghostface effectively terrify and slash his/her victims to bits, (s)he does it all in the comfort of a store-bought Halloween ghost costume. Working class killers, this costume's for you.


Wearing another human being's freshly removed face for a mask is typically frowned upon in our society. But in the horror killer circle, it's high-end fashion at its goriest. Leatherface, you're just showing off at this point!


How could you possibly be afraid of a suspenders-wearing, ginger-colored Good Guy doll? Exactly. That suspension of terror you feel when looking upon Chucky is precisely what this killer has in mind when getting you to let your guard down.

Norman Bates

Mommy issues are one thing, but killing patrons of your remote motel while wearing your mommy's clothes? That's something else entirely. Something weird. Something terrifying. Something that most killers would kill for, probably.


Tight black leather with flowing gowns and roughly six million sharp pins protruding from your face: this is the go-to look of cenobite leader Pinhead. Even if you're not a fan, be careful how you rank Pinhead's style: you wouldn't want to suffer through an eternity of agony for one simple little poll, would you?

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal is a man of many styles: masks made of human flesh ala Leatherface, restraint muzzles put in place to prevent him from eating visitors... the list goes on. We're told his costume is best enjoyed with some fava beans and a nice chianti.


If you'd like to play a game, best to do it while operating one of Jigsaw's all too creepy murder devices. Wearing one of his gothic black robes is fashionable too, though perhaps not as iconic as the little Jigsaw puppets seen floating about the "Saw" movies.

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