'Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas' Red-Band Trailer: John Cho Weighs In

Harold and Kumar

In case you missed it, the red band trailer for "A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas" debuted over at IGN yesterday. And in watching the two minutes and twenty seconds of very explicit, drug-fueled action, never was there a more appropriate movie to garner the red band label.

As is custom with the adventures of Harold and Kumar, there are drugs, sex, violence and my personal favorite, Neil Patrick Harris. MTV News was lucky enough to get a few moments on the phone with Harold himself, John Cho, to discuss the magic of the trailer and what more we can expect from the full length film.

Read on after the jump to find out what Cho had to say about infant drug use, NPH and the film's boob count.

MTV News: So what did you think of the trailer? There is certainly a lot going on there.

John Cho: I thought it does a good job of being comprehensive without being too graphic, if you get my drift. I’ve seen a lot of other spots and they're very clever. For the first movie at least, I think the marketing department had some difficulty getting together a campaign that reflected what the movie was really about, and this time people get it. The marketing department really gets what the franchise is about, as does the public.

MTV: And that claymation scene seemed especially special, what is that all about?

Cho: That was a real treat. You grow up watching the holiday fare, the seasonal programming and - strangely I associate claymation with the birth of Jesus our lord and savior (laughs) - so it was really weird to be made of clay. That was probably the most difficult sequence of the movie writing-wise, because there was a pacing issue at that point, and they didn’t want to lose people with what is a mid-movie drug trip that doesn’t really have an effect on the plot per se. That was a little tricky, but I think they got it right.

MTV: Let's talk about the nudity, because that's always a fun topic. Would you say it's equal opportunity nudity? Or are there more boobs than male butts or anything?

Cho: I think it’s more boobs, because you enjoy the boobs and you’re suffering whilst watching the penis get ripped off a pole – at least I am.

MTV: My favorite part of the trailer is the line: "And resurrecting America's sweetheart... Neil Patrick Harris," is he always a part of the story when you're writing new adventures for Harold and Kumar?

Cho: First of all, Neil Patrick Harris was a part of the first draft of the first movie and he was always in the movie. There was never any discussion about getting anyone else for the role, so he’d always been an intergral part of this franchise so when we talk about doing a Harold and Kumar movie, it’s already understood we’re talking about getting Neil Patrick Harris.

MTV: There's a brief moment in the trailer where you look like you're in costume as a different character, you have long hair and there are weird colors in the background, with a "Fear And Loathing" look to it, what is that all about?

Cho: (Laughs) That part is in reference to, in the movie it turns out that Maria- Harold is married to Maria, his love interest in this movie - his father-in-law dosen’t like him and it turns out that a gang of Korean punks killed his grandmother-in-law. So that screen shot you see is his father-in-law’s memory of the gang of punks that killed his mother, and all the gang members are played by me. The one that was cut out was me in drag. I’m assuming that will be on the DVD extras because I looked effing good. I scared myself. We thought it would be funny to have the hardened gang member’s girlfriend filing her nails and yelling, ‘Kill that bitch!’

MTV: Finally, we see that there's a baby who seems to get exposed to a bunch of drugs, is it safe to say that is a running gag in the film?

Cho: You will see the baby throughout the movie and oh God, as a parent, it’s appalling how high that baby gets throughout the course of the movie. It was tricky, I feel terrible being a part of this, but they had to hire a baby whisperer to trick the baby into – not into doing actual drugs, but into acting out those situations.

MTV: Did you guys do any crazy stunt work in this installment?

Cho: The only stunt I can think of is having to dance. Neil Patrick Harris in the movie is rehearsing for this Rockette, Christmas style spectacular and we stumble into it. It’s hard to explain, but we end up onstage rehearsing with him dressed as nutcrackers dancing a routine in a kick line and stuff, that would be the stunt of the movie. Have I teased it? Are you intrigued?

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