Daniel Radcliffe's 'Woman In Black' Gets New Trailer

The first trailer we saw for Hammer's "The Woman in Black" was stately, quiet, and unnerving. This new UK trailer for the ghostly flick amps up the action and shows how young lawyer Arthur Kipps ("Harry Potter's" Daniel Radcliffe) races to uncover the dark secrets of one English village and a mysterious woman who keeps appearing in the mansion he has come to work in.

<a href='http://video.uk.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&vid=2tbzi15f&from=null&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN World Exclusive: Woman In Black - UK trailer' >Video: MSN World Exclusive: Woman In Black - UK trailer</a>

It features not just one creepy dead girl ghost, but three — and lots of atmospheric, jumpy chills. You'll be able to meet the woman in black on February 3, 2012 — but in the meantime, see what other horrific things await you in this week's Horror Bites after the jump.

Method Man Makes a Horror Film

Method Man will star as the titular character in "The Mortician" — a new 3-D horror that has been making the festival rounds lately. His sidekick in the film? A scared child named Kane (Cruz Santiago), who helps him remember the secrets of his past. Meanwhile, the "aliented and cold" mortician has to contend with new co-worker Noah (EJ Bonilla) and his boss (Edward Furlong). There are also gangsters involved in here somewhere (of course). Will you pay to see Method Man handle a corpse?

More "Resident Evil: Retribution" Casting News

Milla Jovovich got gabby on Twitter again and revealed that "Lost" and "Legion" star Kevin Durand will play Barry Burton in the new "Resident Evil" movie. You'll remember the character from the videogame as the weapon-savvy S.T.A.R.S. member. "Resident Evil: Retribution" opens September 14 and also stars Boris Kodjoe, Li Bingbing, Shawn Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Johann Urb, and Colin Salmon. Do you like this cast and the film's commitment to bringing back many of the game series' original characters?

"Trick 'r Treat's" Sam Makes Another Short Film Appearance

Horror mavens FEARnet will be hosting an all-day "Trick 'r Treat" marathon on October 31 in celebration of the horror anthology that instantly became a spooky, Halloween classic. Sam, the film's enforcer, makes an appearance in this new short film — which is directed by "Trick 'r Treat's" Michael Dougherty. Sam's always on hand to make sure everyone is following the rules of Halloween — and to cause a little (sometimes gory) trouble in the process. Give it a watch, and let us know if you'll be watching the little pumpkinhead later this month.

What Evil Will Surface on "11 11 11"?

Darren Bousman's "11 11 11" will hit theaters next month on … you guessed it, November 11. The film follows author Joseph Crone, who lost his wife and child in a tragic accident. He travels across the world to reunite with his estranged family, and during his journey realizes that the number 11 has been popping up everywhere. It's not just some kind of wacky coincidence, though. Crone soon realizes it means something far more evil. The trailer for the film has arrived. Does Bousman's numerology-heavy spookfest intrigue you, or does all the math just make your head hurt?

"Jeepers Creepers" Director Terrorizes Rose McGowan on Rosewood Lane

Remember "Jeepers Creepers" which starred Justin Long who had to battle a ruthless Creeper? The same director is now taking us for a walk down "Rosewood Lane" with Rose McGowan. Victor Salva's new film follows radio therapist Sonny (McGowan) who moves back to her hometown after her father dies, but realizes that something isn't quite right with the local paperboy. He turns out to be a deadly stalker who engages Sonny in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Check out the trailer, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

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