Johnny Depp Loses Shirt, Possibly Mind In Exclusive 'Rum Diary' Poster

Rum DiaryWelcome to Puerto Rico, where hotel rooms were made to be trashed, a couple hundred miniature bottles of booze can disappear down your gullet overnight, and you might wake up in your boxer shorts with a tsunami-sized hangover and the vague recollection that you've probably made some exceedingly poor decisions in the recent past.

OK, a typical tropical getaway this is not. But then Johnny Depp's Puerto Rican escapades in "The Rum Dairy" are anything but the norm, as MTV News' exclusive poster debut makes hilariously clear.

The poster presents a sort of "before" image of Depp as journalist Paul Kemp rising from the booze-soaked near dead in the Caribbean after a hard day's night. See the poster in full after the jump!

You've probably seen the "after" image online (check out below if not), as Depp turns around to discover — oh yeah, that's right, I skipped town and went on a bender in Puerto Rico.

What happens from there is part screwball comedy, part investigative-journalism thriller, part hallucinatory misadventure. Costarring Amber Heard and Aaron Eckhart, the film hits theaters on October 28.