It's 'A Good Day To Die Hard,' But Could It Be...Gooder?

On Wednesday (October 12), Fox announced that the fifth entry in the "Die Hard" series, due out on Valentine's Day 2013, will be called "A Good Day To Die Hard."

The blogosphere soon erupted in snickers, but some were too quick to forget that a crazy title that riffs on the phrase "Die Hard" is just par for the course for this acclaimed action franchise. We here at MTV News are pumped for the new flick, and while the title lives up to the wacky tradition, we feel it could be even wackier.

To that end, we've suggested a few titles that take it one step further. Prepare to die really, really hard after the jump.

» "Die Hard 5: You Can’t Kill Death"

» "Die Hard 5: McClain Strikes Back"

» "Die Hard 5: Death ... Prepare to Die"

» "Die Hard 5: Dead and Loving It"

» "Die Hard 5: Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Death!"

» "Die Hard 5: Die Harderer"

» "Die Hard 5: This Time It's The Swedes"

» "Die Hard 5: Breakable"

» "Die Hard 5: Tears of the Son"

» "Die Hard 5: Bruce Willis Needs To Put An Extension On His Pool Cabana"

» "Die Hard 5: You Think These Titles Write Themselves?"

» "Die Hard 5: Death Wears a Toupee"

» "Die Hard 5: Tick, Tick, Boom!"

» "Die Hard 5: This Time It’s A Chick"

» "Die Hard 5: Homegrown Terror"

» "Die Hard 5: Suck It, Indiana Jones"

» "If You Take Viagra, You Will Die Hard"

» "Eat S*** And Die Hard"

» "Die Antwoord"

» "Live And Let Die Hard Already"

» "Die Hard 5: The Die Hard Rises"

» "Now I Have A Die Hard 5, Ho Ho Ho"

» "Yippie Ki Yay Mother F******, It's Another Die Hard Movie"

» "Die Hard 5: I'm Just So Tired"

And drumroll please... the winner is...

» "Die Hard 5: Twilight"

Special thanks to Kevin Sullivan, Gil Kaufman, James Montgomery, Daniel Montalto, Eric Ditzian, Brian Phares and Josh Wigler for their contributions.

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