Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' SWAT Raid, 'Resident Evil' Set Accident


The zombie apocalypse is in full effect — in the worlds of film and television, that is. Three big flesh-eating projects ("World War Z," "Resident Evil: Retribution" and "The Walking Dead," to be exact) are all having very big weeks… some for good reasons, others not so much.

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"World War" Prop-lems

Make no mistake, surviving a zombie apocalypse requires one to stock up on top-notch weapons from the finest cutlery to the most sophisticated firearms available. But in the case of "World War Z," perhaps things have gone a little too far: it's been reported that Hungarian police raided a Budapest warehouse where 85 guns, to be used in "World War Z," were recovered. The firearms were supposed to be non-functional, but were found to be in full working order. MTV News has more details on the troubling report.

Marc Forster explains his "World War Z" approach

"Resident" Danger

Good news and bad news for the fifth "Resident Evil" outing. In the plus column, Li Bingbing has been cast in the fan favorite role of Ada Wong, reports Milla Jovovich herself. Sadly, good news comes at the expense of tragedy: an accident on the Vancouver set of "Resident Evil" has left 16 cast and crew members injured. Visit THR for more details.

Milla Jovovich discusses "Resident Evil" sequel's surprises

"The Walking Dead" Returns

Finally, here's a friendly reminder that "The Walking Dead" returns to the AMC Network on Sunday (October 16). We'll be recapping the new season over at MTV Splash Page, so be sure to tune in. On a related note, a new "Walking Dead" prose novel — "Rise of the Governor" — hits book stores today (October 11). For fans of the "Dead" comic books, it's a can't-miss look at the evolution of the series' most notorious villains. Listen to an excerpt from the book below.

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