'Attack The Block' DVD Exclusives: Believe The Hype

If you didn't see "Attack the Block" while it was in theaters, you missed out on one of the best genre movies of the year. Check out our "Attack the Block" review if you don't believe me — the movie lives up to its massive hype and then some. Trust.

Thankfully, if you did miss this wildly inventive sci-fi action comedy, you'll get another chance to tool up soon. "Attack the Block" hits DVD on October 25, and ahead of the big release date, we've got two exclusive clips from the home video release for your viewing pleasure.

Up first, director Joe Cornish speaks out in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "Attack the Block" about making a high concept sci-fi flick on a fairly low budget. "Block" doesn't come equipped with the same financial backing you'll find in major studio tent poles like the "Transformers" movies, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the film; Cornish tells you all about it.

Next is another exclusive first look at a featurette that's best viewed by those of you who've already seen "Block." Cornish takes viewers behind the scenes at how the final moments of "Block" could have played out through a series of storyboarded sequences that never made their way to the screen. Again, some spoilers for the "Block" finale in this one… proceed with caution!

There's more "Attack the Block" goodness if you're in New York City this week: Cornish is coming to New York Comic Con this week, and there's a screening of "Block" at the MoMA on Thursday (October 13).

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