'Paranormal Activity 3' Clip Haunts Your Children

You know, it's really true: you really do learn something new every day. For instance, my girlfriend just discovered that she's allergic to mangos. For another, and more to the point of the movies realm, I never knew that kids are susceptible to supernatural contact — but now I do, thanks to a brand new clip from "Paranormal Activity 3." See the ease with which children interact with the great, terrible beyond in this "Paranormal" clip below.

In "Paranormal Activity 3," the franchise dips back to the beginning: viewers are invited into the terrifying year of 1988, when series leads Katie and Kristi first encountered the hostile entities that have haunted "Paranormal" lovers for years now.

"Catfish" duo Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost directed the found-footage horror prequel, which arrives in theaters on October 21. You can fight for the chance to see the movie early by participating in the "Tweet to See it First" campaign.