'Young Adult' Trailer: Charlize Theron Is Feisty, Confused

Young Adult

It seems that Oscar-winner Charlize Theron's writer character, Mavis, has returned to her small hometown none the wiser in the new trailer for "Young Adult."

Lap dog in tow, Mavis, sporting a Hello Kitty t-shirt, is pretty much the queen of denial. The former "girl you hated in high school" comes home, despite how "gross" it makes her feel, with a big mission. One that seems to perplex everyone, but her. The tagline for "Young Adult" really sums it all up: "Everyone gets older, not everyone grows up."

With Patton Oswalt on hand as her fairy godfather/tether to the world of reality, Mavis is back in Minnesota, ready to win back her former flame, Buddy Slade, played by Patrick Wilson. But can Mavis get it all together considering all the obstacles she faces?

Like what kind of obstacles? Well, he's married... with a family. A very cute kid, in fact, that Mavis doesn't seem to think deserves to live up to the hype he's been receiving. "Have you seen it? Up close?" she quips.

But perhaps Mavis' best line comes when Buddy points out to her that he's, you know, with someone else so they really can't be together and live out their big city dreams anymore. Her response? "I know. We can beat this thing together."

It leaves Buddy exasperated, but kind of leaves us wanting more. Will she end up with Buddy? It seems the odds are very much stacked against her, even if she does clean up well and is pretty much a major Betty and makes us kind of want to take her back.

The flick opens this December and features the biting wit of writer Diablo Cody and the sad sack know-all of director Jason Reitman.

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