Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' Hero Is 'The Anti-Father'

Hugh Jackman is, quite possibly, the perfect man. He sings, he dances, he can do comedy and drama and action and romance, he’s easy on the eyes. But most importantly, he’s a nice guy. So what’s this all-around good bloke doing playing bad dad Charlie Kenton in “Real Steel”? Or Drover in “Australia”? Or Wolverine?

Jackman told MTV News that he was brought up “to be polite to people, be nice, kind, respectful.” Because of his natural gentlemanly state, he’s attracted to characters that are considerably less than perfect.

“I think I’m pretty boring,” Jackman said. “I much prefer the rebellious, slightly wilder people.” He pointed out that his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, “was expelled from 12 schools or something.”

In “Real Steel” Jackman plays “the anti-father.” He said, “Most of my scenes are with my son who I haven’t seen since birth, and I’m really mean to him pretty much the whole movie.”

It was a welcome departure for the actor and father of two, whose personal parenting philosophy prevents him from unleashing any unnecessary nastiness. “You want to say things at times that you knew if you’d said them would put them in therapy for an extra 20 years. And you don’t. You shove it down.”

Despite his onscreen obnoxiousness, Jackman didn’t refrain from showing “Real Steel” to his kids, who were intrigued rather than put off by Kenton’s lack of parenting skills. “They were like, ‘So we can drink sodas for breakfast?’”

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