'Zoolander 2' Will Disfigure Hansel, Owen Wilson Teases

Hansel, not so hot right now? Sadly, it looks like one of the most really, really, really ridiculously good looking models in the world isn't quite as up to snuff as he was ten years ago — if Owen Wilson is to be believed, that is.

MTV News caught up with Wilson during the press junket for "The Big Year," the actor's upcoming comedy with Jack Black and Steve Martin about a trio of ordinary men competing with one another to become North America's best bird-watcher of the year. In another universe, a different Wilson character — Hansel of "Zoolander" fame — is also competing to be the best in his field, but according to the actor, the sequel will see a very different Hansel… a man who is less male model, and more damaged goods.

"Hansel, he's fallen on hard times," he teased, before dropping a bombshell: "There's been a disfiguring injury."

A disfiguring injury? What kind of disfiguring injury? Wilson wouldn't say, but he did offer one fantastically cryptic and unexpected teaser: "Think 'Vanilla Sky."

If Hansel is looking less like the male model of yesteryear and more like, uh, this… well, I guess it's unfortunate, but it's also potentially awesome. Vanilla Sky Hansel, you might not be so hot right now, but you're definitely hilarious to think about.

This isn't the first time Wilson has talked "Zoolander 2" — lovingly referred to as "Zoo 2" and "Twolander" in our most recent chat. Late last year, we asked the actor what he thought about Hansel's state of mind ten years post-"Zoolander."

"The thing about Hansel is he can't ever imagine himself -- so even if he isn't the #1 guy, I think he still carries himself as if," he said. "He'll still have that Hansel swagger."

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