'Fast Five' Blu-Ray Exclusives: Vin Diesel And The Rock Throw Down

You might have to wait until tomorrow (October 4) to jump back into the driver seat with "Fast Five" when the Blu-ray and DVD hits shelves, but today, we’ve got an exclusive first look at two of the disc’s featurettes. Take a peek at what went on behind the scenes and how it felt for Dwayne Johnson to be the new guy on set.

The Big, Bald Showdown

It sounds like the kind of fight you imagine when you’re bored. Who would win in a fight, a grizzly bear or a gorilla? Big Foot versus the Lochness Monster? But it doesn’t much more epic than a rumble between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, and "Fast Five" gives it to us.

In one of the "Fast" featurettes, Diesel, Johnson and director Justin Lin talk making the battle all that it could be.

“It’s a great moment in the movie to see who these guys are, who Dom is, who Hobbs is, and the way they fight,” says Lin. The director remembers one time when he sent the rest of the crew home just to work out one important move for two whole hours with Diesel and Johnson: "You might think that’s crazy, and it probably is crazy, but that just shows you the level of care that goes into it."

The New Kid in School

Even the Rock himself can get a little nervous when joining an already established group. You’ve got to go in with the right attitude, and Johnson tried to do that with his character Hobbs.

"I gave so much respect to the franchise and the characters that have been around for a decade," Johnson says in a featurette about joining the series. “The challenge for me as an actor was making sure that the integrity of my character was protected.”

But it wasn’t all making new friends and playing nice. Johnson wanted to do right by the character and the franchise. “Even though I was friends with Vin, friends with Paul, I wasn’t looking to be friends on the movie,” Johnson says. “We’ve got the rest of our lives to be friends and buddies. We come on set, it’s time to kick ass.”

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