Gackt Speaks In This Exclusive 'Bunraku' Clip And Interview!

Director Guy Moshe's "Bunraku" isn't all about fighting, but you could certainly be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Set in a future where bullets have been outlawed and conflicts are started and finished with fists, "Bunraku" follows two men — a Drifter played by Josh Hartnett and a samurai, Yoshi, played by Gackt — out on a deadly mission with a mutual goal… one that's destined to end in blood.

We have an exclusive clip from "Bunraku" for your viewing pleasure today, but that's not all. We also spoke with Japanese singer-songwriter and actor Gackt, who makes his English language debut in "Bunraku," about playing the even-tempered Yoshi, working with Hartnett and shooting the film's most grueling fight sequences. See what he had to say after the jump!

MTV News: What drew you to "Bunraku"?

Gackt: [Director Guy Moshe's] passion. He flew all the way to Japan to see me, and the vision he pitched me made me feel like I had to take this role. I felt something special about "Bunraku."

What appealed to you most about the part of Yoshi? What makes him an interesting character for you to play?

Yoshi’s strong Bushido spirit. Bushido is also the core of how I think, feel, and live so I felt this was a great opportunity for me to express to the world what “Bushido” really means.

Much of your screen time is opposite Josh Hartnett as the Drifter. What was it like working with Josh?

Josh and I were on set together pretty much the whole time. I especially remember the fighting scene with him in the rain. It took forever to shoot and felt like we were filming for over 20 hours… it was extremely brutal, yet invaluable. Josh’s work ethic is amazing and I learned a lot from the man. He is a talented actor and I respect him very much.

Speaking of fight scenes, "Bunraku" is positively loaded with them. What was your favorite fight to film? Which was the most challenging?

I love martial arts so all the fights were fun to do, especially when I kick butt! Learning the long fight choreography was a challenge, I guess. I would say I did 98% of all my stunts so there was a lot to learn.

"Bunraku" is your first English language movie; was it an experience you enjoyed? A challenging one? Are you looking to star in more movies stateside?

I think I did a good job with my dialogue so I’d like to know what you guys think. Expressing my thoughts and ideas with the director and cast was a bit difficult. But everything was a new experience for me and I’m definitely down to do another movie. I love to challenge myself, and always looking for new opportunities.

For the fans you already have and the fans you’ve yet to earn, send them a message: why should they check out "Bunraku"? What do you think they’ll get out of the experience?

"Bunraku" is a Cowboy meets Samurai meets Mafia action flick. It’s an action-packed movie unlike any other, mixing various genres in the style of Japanese puppetry. You must be like, Huh? You’ll know what I mean when you watch the movie. There are humorous moments with my character, Yoshi, so I think my fans can see a new side of me.

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