'New Class': Josh Hutcherson Is Most Likely To Play A Superhero!

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He just barely missed out on playing Peter Parker in "The Amazing Spider-Man," but something tells us he won't be away from the funny pages for long. Josh Hutcherson has been voted Most Likely to Play a Superhero as part of The New Class, and we've got a long list of suggested comic book characters that he could bring to life with ease.

But even if he doesn't strap on the spandex anytime soon, Hutcherson's got his fair share of big screen heroism already under his belt and lined up for the future. After the jump, check out some of Josh's most action-packed career highlights!

"Zathura: A Space Adventure"

At the ripe young age of 13, Hutcherson took the co-lead in "Zathura," the action movie that one could argue paved the way for Jon Favreau to make his Marvel with "Iron Man." Josh starred alongside a pre-"Twilight" Kristen Stewart in this adaptation of the Chris Van Allsburg illustrated novel, showing for the first time that he has what it takes to compete amongst the stars.

"Bridge to Terabithia"

Hutcherson took center stage once again two years later in 2007's "Bridge to Terabithia," based on the young adult fantasy novel from Katherine Paterson about two children who spend their time together in a fantasy world of their creation. The film tackled some seriously heavy subject matter in the midst of its light-hearted premise, proving Hutcherson's flair for the dramatic at an early age.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"

Perhaps not the most celebrated movie of his career, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" — starring Brendan Fraser as a volcanologist who, along with his nephew (Hutcherson), discovers a secret world at the (you guessed it) center of the Earth — presented Josh with his very first franchise. A "Journey" sequel, starring Dwayne Johnson as a new character in place of the outgoing Fraser, is headed to theaters in 2012.

"The Hunger Games"

But the franchise we're most looking forward to, of course, is "The Hunger Games." After a long and heavily analyzed casting process, Hutcherson won the coveted role of Peeta the baker's son, both love interest and rival to Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). Fans remain divided on his casting, so he'll need to bring his A-game to the titular "Games" to win over the nay-sayers. No pressure, Josh!

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