Jonah Hill Talks 'Moneyball' Awards Buzz: 'It's Really Flattering'

If you haven't seen "Moneyball" yet, here's a little bit of a spoiler for you: it's good. It's very, very good. Not that a movie coming from Oscar nominees Brad Pitt and director Bennett Miller being excellent should strike anyone as a surprise, but the film's success doesn't rest entirely on their shoulders; in many ways, "Moneyball" is Jonah Hill's homerun.

Hill delivers an against-type turn as Peter Brand, an expert number-cruncher and stats analyst who comes to work for Billy Beane (Pitt) as the assistant general manager for the Oakland Athletics. Not even a full week after release, Hill's "Moneyball" performance has already generated awards buzz, a notion that takes Hill himself completely off guard.

"I don't know, I don't know," he told MTV News when asked how he feels about the buzz surrounding his performance. "I'm just really proud of the movie. Stuff like that is crazy when you hear someone ask you that question legitimately."

"It's really flattering and cool, but for me the whole experience has been wonderful and I'm already as proud as I would be would I get to be up for an award," he added. "I've never been up for any award in my life ... actually an MTV award [Best Comedic Performance and Best Newcomer noms for 'Superbad'], so that was already exciting enough for me."

"I don't know," he continued. "Basically it's just a crazy, insane question to be asked and you don't really know what to say when someone asks you that kind of question."

Well, Jonah, time to start preparing an answer — come awards season, we have a feeling you'll be fielding that question day after day after day.

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